HAIRI, the Hosted Accommodation Investment Returns Index, is a big data solution to the challenge of ranking investment returns for hosted accommodation, primarily, but not exclusively, hotels. It has been launched by Hotel Analyst, Colliers and OTA Insight.

Generating an index based on specific data for real estate assets is notoriously difficult given the paucity of publicly available information. Existing indices are based on a narrow range of properties, typically biased towards prime assets in institutional ownership.

But now an authoritative index has been compiled. HAIRI uses a huge volume of room rate data which has been expertly processed to produce reliable estimates on income return and it uses market level approximations of transaction data to produce a measure for capital value returns.

In this way, HAIRI is the world’s first comprehensive tool for investors in the hosted accommodation market to track changes in total returns for geographical areas or markets, through monitoring changes in both income and capital values.

HAIRI tracks hosted accommodation property investment returns in a selection of the major cities across Europe to enable investors to benchmark performance. It has been created with the help of Hotel Analyst, Colliers International and OTA Insight.

The analytical brains behind HAIRI is Dr Niko Szumilo, a Fellow in Economic Geography at the London School of Economics. Dr Szumilo has developed a method for applying big data techniques to produce a proxy for income returns. In addition, his expertise has been instrumental in creating a smoothed data set for capital value returns.

For the future, HAIRI will begin indexing non-hotel hosted accommodation too. Serviced apartments, hostels and short-term apartment rentals are among the segments it is planned to track.

You can obtain a full set of data for quarter 4, 2017 for £295 + VAT. For £995.00 you will receive data for each quarter over a year. Email us for more information about an annual data subscription.

Visit the full report on Q4.