Issue 20: 21st May 2020

    Investors ready for busy ’21

    Hotel investors have declared themselves ready for action, expecting 2021 to see a range of opportunities as distress hits the more stressed businesses in the European hotel sector. Panel members at the Hospitality Tomorrow – Episode 2 virtual conference appeared excited by the opportunities presented off the back of the coronavirus shutdown. Anders Nissen, CEO [...]

    Brand standards on the bonfire

    Traditional hotel brand standards look set to be substantially upturned, as hotel groups cope with massive changes to the operating landscape. Traditional standards are being relaxed, as the big brand groups look to support struggling operators and landlords. And flexibility will be key as they look to quick conversions in 2021 to grow their portfolios. [...]

    Lockdown eases across Europe

    Across mainland Europe, hotels in key markets have been permitted to open once more. The challenge now will be persuading guests to be comfortable enough to visit and make bookings over the summer. By mid-May, hotels in Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Sweden were open, albeit some with initially draconian limitations on operation, [...]

    Time to reset the rent?

    Across all forms of operational real estate, the coronavirus lockdown has delivered a collapse in cashflow. Businesses are now realising that a form of greater shared responsibility should replace the traditional lease and fixed rent. The traditional model has left many landlords battling to draw in rents due, while leaseholders with no revenues argue to [...]