Issue 19: 15th May 2020

    OTAs struggle to plan a way forward

    Tripadvisor is the latest online player to announce a swathe of staff cuts and efficiency moves, in a bid to reduce its losses in a stalled market. Meanwhile rivals shuffle their offerings as they seek to both reduce running costs in the short term, and position themselves for a profitable return to business in the [...]

    More funds raised to counter covid-19

    Scandic Hotels has announced a SEK1.75bn rights issue, to support its business over the coming months of sustained trade. Key shareholders Stena Sessan, AMF and Formica Capital, who between them hold 41.6% of Scandic shares, agreed in advance to back the issue, and vote in favour of the move. AMF additionally said it would take [...]

    Insurers under pressure

    Insurance companies stand accused of failing to acknowledge valid claims for businesses hit by the coronavirus lockdown. Frustration borne of a failure to respond to claims, or indeed to actually reply to insured clients at all, has led to the creation of a group claim by a number of UK hospitality businesses. The Hospitality Industry [...]

    Results like no other season

    Hotel groups are busily reformulating their offer, as they judiciously reopen properties in Asia, cope with buckling landlords and operators, and wonder how international travel will open up once more. The crop of first quarter results suggested that the impossible is being rethought, as executives with no regular work to do, take a long and [...]